Manual Water Pump

For our final project in Science Inquiry and Technology, the task was to build a manual mechanical pump device that would move water from a pool into a 30 gallon bucket. The bucket would have drain points up the side of it that would pour onto a victim from the other team. The idea was to fill the bucket to the brim so that the water would pour over the top. Our team was able to complete this the fastest out of all the teams in only minutes. The frame is constructed out of two by fours. Two U-bolts hold on each PVC pump assembly. The pump assembly essentially acts as a piston: Water flows in through a one-way valve in the up stroke, and flows out the other one way valve on the down stroke. The piston itself is a circle of plywood with felt covered in petroleum jelly on either side. This creates a very effective seal. The rods on the piston assembly, and the axle were welded and machined by my teammate Zack.






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