BNC Adapter Lamp

by rjones3 on October 16, 2010

BNC Lamp

I had a bunch of BNC right angle, straight, and T connectors, so I decided to make another lamp. Click the picture for more.

I didn’t want to purchase anything for the lamp except the polycarbonate diffuser rods, which is McMaster #8571K44. The 5/16″ diameter rods were cut to length and a 3/16″ hole was drilled through the center to fit over the LED.

The individual blue LEDs have a 68 Ω resistor soldered in series, and a 5V power supply to the entire thing with the center as the positive rail. Wiring LEDs in parallel can be a bad idea, so the resistor is out of necessity. The LEDs were sanded down to size with a dremel. Click the pictures to make them big.


Sanded LED on top


Soldering the 68 Ω resistor to the LED


Almost there…


LED origami




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